Who We Are:

We are a landscaping and snow removal business who aims to satisfy every clients needs.  C & R is owned and operated by Chris and Ryan.  Chris began mowing lawns at the age of fourteen and developed a passion for making landscapes clean and beautiful.  His passion lies in grass care and snow removal.  Ryan has always had an interest in being outside and working to make yards stand out in a neighborhood.  He is specifically interested in organic landscaping.  They both started the business with a truck, few rakes, and a hand-me-down leaf blower.  Since then, the business has continued to grow.

Why you should choose C&R:

C & R is a small landscaping company who are owner operated.  This means that a client’s special requests won’t get lost in a line of communication.  It means that Chris and Ryan truly care about their service and work because the success of the business depends upon it.  Also, they are always available through phone/text to help with any landscaping concerns.

We have accounts that range across all types of size and buildings.  We range from small residential accounts to large commercial buildings.  Our services include just about anything related to yard care from a simple mow to a complete lawn renovation.  Check out our services page to see all we offer!

Communities we serve:

West Roxbury





Jamaica Plain


“No one else we looked into for our new lawn sounded as knowledgeable or communicated as well as you have about the process and it’s greatly appreciated.”


“Thank you again for the good job you guys did. The landlord will definitely be interested to have you guys do the landscaping on the backyard”